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In today’s competitive environment knowledge is the key to executing a successful strategy. The challenge is that there is so much information and much of it is immaterial to your needs, difficult to comprehend, and time consuming to gather and format in a manner that is useful to your sales efforts.

Pharmaceutical Development Digest (PDD) can help.

Bridge the Gap: Science drives the regulatory process which in turn drives sales. PDD keeps you up-to-date on clinical and regulatory events that impact your customers’ sales and provides a comprehensive explanation of your customers’ products.

See the Bigger Picture: Numerous events spread out over a period of time impact pharmaceutical sales and marketing budgets. PDD includes only the important, relevant events and puts them into context to help you gain a better understanding of your customer and the market. This insight can help you to better plan your own product development, marketing, and sales efforts.

End the Drudgery: Market intelligence is very important in executing strategy, but the pharmaceutical industry is very complex. It involves years of development and multiple events across many players. A wealth of information is available, but it is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and tedious work to sift through all the information sources to extract the pertinent nuggets. PDD does this for you, making your job easier!

Save Time for the More Important Things: Collecting market data is time-consuming work, but it is vital in ensuring a well-executed marketing and sales strategy. PDD allows you to complete your market research in just minutes, freeing you up to do more important things – sell your products.

SUCCESS is not in knowing which blockbuster pharmaceutical product received FDA/EMA approval today, that is common knowledge. The secret to success is knowing which products will be the blockbusters in one or two year’s time.

Allow us to release you from labor-intensive, time-consuming information gathering and free you to focus on the more important task of developing and selling your products and services.

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