Introducing PDD Disease State Reprints

In an increasingly competitive market, it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse of your customers’ product pipeline.  Clinical trial outcomes and regulatory developments are the critical events that determine where and when companies allocate their marketing spend. Essential information can be obscured by the sheer volume of data available and the long time periods between events – making it more difficult to keep up with the important milestones in a product’s lifecycle and understanding how the milestones fit into the larger picture of the disease state.

Like Pharmaceutical Development Digest, PDD Disease State Reprints evaluate the data, filtering out the irrelevant and extraneous information, delivering only the most important, recent, and germane pharmaceutical and medical device industry updates. Further refined by disease state, PDD Disease State Reprints allow you to quickly identify and focus on the actionable intelligence of a specific market segment, so you to go into your next client meeting fully prepared to offer solutions rather than asking questions.
PDD Disease State Reprints evaluate, synthesize, and repackage pharmaceutical and medical device industry intelligence – distilling vast amounts of information and transforming it into a concise, easy to navigate format, providing a tool that will be invaluable in your planning and sales efforts.

Save Time. Stay Current.


Product Details:

  • Rolling 3-year history of activity
  • Topline data provides a concise snapshot of activity
  • Product detail includes an easy to understand product description, mechanism of action and drug class, approved or investigational indications, summaries relevant clinical trials and regulatory activity
  • Global sales by product offers a 3-year sales history for approved products including the most recent four quarters
  • Over 330 disease state topics
  • $50 per report (3 or more – only $40 each)
  • Available on-demand as a single purchase or as a subscription
    • 2x per year (January and June)
    • 4x per year (January, April, July and October)


Product Benefits:

Cost Effective:  Eliminate hours of time wasted sifting through mountains of information on the internet, freeing your staff to focus their efforts on more productive and profitable tasks.

Efficient:  Strategically focus your efforts on specific disease state landscapes.

Timely Intelligence: Meet your clients armed with the timely, actionable, information that is most likely to impact their marketing spend.

Client Relationships: Improve relationships with your customers by demonstrating that you have an understanding of the issues and developments that are important to them – allowing you to match your products with their marketing needs.