May 1 2018 Ad_BJMCL is an interesting market in that all of the approved products are also indicated for other disease states, but if you are looking for a sponsor for an MCL program, some prospects are better than others.  PDD is different because it tracks communication events over the past 3 years, providing you with insight into which issues are most important to your clients.

In the case of MCL, 60% of the communication activity for Calquence over the past 3 years has focused on MCL. However, the Phase 2 PHILEMON study published in Lancet Haematology in March showed an ORR of 76% in MCL for the three product combination of Imbruvica, Revlimid, and MabThera.  Additionally, a Phase 1 study of umbralisib presented at ICML demonstrated a 79% ORR and a Phase 2 study of the combination of Levact plus MabThera published in Lancet Oncology had a 91% complete response in MCL patients – good indicators that these three products could be potential prospects for MCL marketing activity in 2019 and beyond.

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Making Sense of Mantel Cell Lymphoma